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Behavioral Pet Bird Training


Our Certified Avian Specialists have created an overall program for training pet birds that when followed should greatly improve your opportunity to bond with your pet birds.  

All training for pet birds here is custom to the needs of the handler and pet bird. All our birds come with this free Behavioral Training for pet birds FREE for life because we want to ensure your bird and you forage a life long relationship. We hate seeing pets get rehomed and our Behavioral Pet Bird training is one way we try to limit this from happening due to behavioral changes.  It is a common saying here that ``we want to be part of your Avicultural Journey for life”, this is just one way we prove it to our bird owners. 

Got your bird elsewhere and having issues? No problem, we do offer our 30 minute training sessions to outside birds at a fee of $15 per session. 



All training appointments are set online by our office team.  Our store staff is not able to schedule appointments for training.  

We request that you send an email to: to schedule a training session.  

If your bird is from here your training is FREE!

If your bird is not from here an invoice for training will be sent to you to pay ahead of the appointment and is used to reserve your spot with a staff member.  

We add additional staff when training is happening in store to accommodate our other guests and maintain our proper care of the birds.  As a result a confirmed appointment for training in writing is a must and we do not do training on a walk -in basis so that we can adequately provide training.

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