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Time to get away?  We would be honored to care for your feathered loved one in your absence. Our Boarding program is designed to be easy on you and safe/enjoyable for your pet!  Last minute vacation, no problem, we'll help you out as best as possible!


  • No Minimum day requirements

  • open every day for pick up

  • open every day for care of the birds

  • $10 a day boarding for any size bird

  • We provide food, water and daily cleaning (you can bring your own food and treats if preferred

  • Your bird's toys must be from exotic pet birds Inc. to prevent contamination 

  • We provide an appropriately sized cage.

  • Safe clean environment monitored by staff educated in avian care provided


Testing required for all our boarding guests


All birds in the store are tested for psittacosis and PBFD  ( we require proof of testing prior to your stay so please plan ahead). Please plan ahead on this as we do this to protect all birds in store.  These tests take several weeks to get results.  



Additional services offered while boarding 


We'll treat your bird like family while you are gone.  Pictures are provided upon request while away.  We want to be your partner in bird ownership so we work very hard to make accommodations when you need us for boarding.




Grooming $15

or Free with $25 purchase of supplies in store (On Pick-up)


DNA Test $35 charge

to find out if your bird is a male or female (On Pick-up)

Purchase toy for the cage - 15% off

Purchase treats - Sale prices at $14.99

for 3 lbs bag during stay pricing

Bird Boarding (Book Your Drop Off Day)