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FREE Bird Groom with

a $25 Purchase!

Bird Grooming
1 hr



Keep your bird safe, healthy and beautiful with our grooming program.  We charge $15 for our grooming service OR we groom for Free with a $25 in-store purchase. That means if you buy your food, toys, and accessories here you will never have to pay for grooming again!


We at Exotic Pet Birds inc. have groomed hundreds of birds this year alone!  We have consulted with veterinarians to get their recommended practices for grooming and have passed avian courses which have taught us the ins and outs of avian grooming care as well as basic biology.   We would be honored to groom your bird as well.  We offer:

  • Wing Trims

  • Nail Trims

  • Beak Trims

  • Testing for DNA  to indicate if the bird is male or female

  • boarding is also available


About our grooming services:


Our head groomer has worked as a groomer in a major Pet Store chain as well as for a veterinarians office. She trains has extensively trained our staff and does the majority of our grooming appointments. Your bird is in capable hands here!  Prior to starting each of our grooming services we spend a few minutes allowing your bird to get acquainted with surroundings and our staff.  A great deal of time and care is given during the appointment to make sure your beloved pet feels as comfortable as is possible.  


Grooming is scheduled on every day of the week and can be made at on alternative time with prior request.  Please make a note to us if you need us to accommodate a different time of the week in our comments section at checkout.

How Free grooming program works 


A $15 charge is required to make an appointment.   

Once you are in store the $15 is given as store credit towards a $25 purchase.

This is our way of saying thank you for supporting our store!


NEW: If your bird comes from our store you get FREE Grooming - but feel free to get your feathered buddy some stuff here during your visit and we will give you 15% off your in-store purchase!



Testing Services offered

4We test for DNA to find out if your bird is a male or female - $45 charge.  




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