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Dear valued customer,

We ship! 
Through the use of safe shipping methods anyone can own one of our loving birds.  We work to provide the sweetest pets and socialize to get you the best personalities.  This takes lots of our time and it’s worth every minute!
To accommodate the needs of our birds, our local clients and our long distance buyers, we have set days of the week that our deliveries occur.  We know there is a lot of excitement involved in getting one of our sweet birds but the priority for us at all times is maintaining the welfare of these amazing creatures.  By doing this we make sure you get the pet that was promised!  Please note that we have systems in place here at Exotic Pet Birds inc. to ensure your bird is ready for it’s new home.  Some times these sweet birds aren’t ready for you as quickly as you are ready for them but allow me to assure you that it will be worth the wait!!  
A non refundable deposit is required on your end to ensure that we know you are as committed to the process of owning our birds as we are to raising them for you.  We are at the mercy of the shipping vendors to get your bird to you safely and are required to follow their guidelines which in turn protect your precious cargo.  Please be patient with us as we move as quickly as is safe to get you the most amazing pet!
We thank you for your consideration of one of these amazing creatures and are honored to provide you with one of the greatest pets you can own!
Lastly, in an effort to keep a stream line of communication and an efficient shipping system we require all communication about shipping be done via our email at  Our shipping department operates Monday- Friday 9-5pm.  We have specific days of the week that we ship and a shipping associate can coordinate you to best accommodate your needs.  We are open outside of these hours but only a shipping associate can assist you through the process to receive your bird so as not to miscommunication valuable information to the correct people. This is also a reason we require all shipping related information be emailed.  We appreciate your trust in us and will work to make this the best possible experience!!

All the best,

Sal Salafia, Owner 
Exotic Pet Birds inc.
656 Ridge Road
Webster, NY 14580


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