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Parrot Safe Candles

Parrot Safe Candles has become the world’s first avian-safe (parrot safe) candles in the world.  For so many years Parrot owners have had to give up their candles and Scentsy’s for the safety and well being of their birds.  They decided to create the world’s first avian safe candles and wax melts. Their first few candles sold instantly, and with phenomenal feedback. They were driven to grow a candle company which focused on environmentally-friendly candles for exotic bird owners, from finches to toucans. 

Dr. Clubb,  one of the nations leading avian veterinarians has gone over and analyzed what the candles and wax melts are created and made with. So rest assure your parrots are safe. 

There are absolutely no Phthalates, UVB chemical blockers and color added. This is as organic and safe as you can get. 

This ensures the utmost quality and safety to you and your birds. 

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