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Did you know- this company gives back?

Supporting a local business is a great way to give back to your community. Did you know this particular small business not only employs many local residents, it also gives back to the community in many ways?

FREE Grooming with $25 hard good purchase (per bird):

What Free grooming?? Yup- 7 days a week!! We offer this as a opportunity to get your birdv groomed free and it’s a huge thank you for supporting our store. We started this from day one of our company and it remains today. We have tons of experience grooming. Our program is guided by our Certified Avian Specialists. They have consulted with veterinarians as well, this ensures our grooming program is spot on for your feathered friends!!
To date we have groomed well over 5000 birds. Looking for support for your grooming? This is your spot!

Behavioral training:

Our company has employed more Certified Avian Specialists than any other store we can think of! Why do invest so heavily in the training of our staff? Simple- it’s part of our commitment to aviculture for our community. This highly intensive program allowed our store trainers to better help birds in need of behavioral training around the country. We do training weekly by appointment to help birds in need of support with their handlers. Though we prefer to do them locally in our visitation center we have done many around the country over live video. We do this to help ensure birds don’t get passed along from home to home. It’s a huge commitment on our part as we often have multi-class training, but the value of knowing that we helped a bird from ending up on craigslist is huge to us.

Reminder: The staff that operates these training are all paid employees of Exotic Pet Birds Inc. This program is only available to the aviculture community because of your support of this store! We are always stronger together. We ask you to remember that as you drive by the big box store on your way in here to buy your awesome bird supplies!

Consignment Rehome:

Do you have a need to get your bird a new home? This judgement free program allows you to utilize the power of our store to find your bird a new home. We know situations do happen that are unavoidable so we utilize this program to help birds in need of a rehome from ending up on craigslist for a quick rehome. We use our staff here to help vet Potentional owners and ensure that they are a good fit for the bird in need of rehoming.

Reminder: This process costs Exotic Pet Birds Inc. lots of money to do and tons of time and space but it’s a huge way we ensure birds get safe homes. This program is available because you took the time to drive past the big box store and bought your pet supplies here. We are stronger together!!

How this process works:

At no point does the bird being consigned become the property of Exotic Pet Birds inc. The owner can decide to do a closed adoption or open adoption.
We know there is expenses incurred from having owned the pet bird so we set a fair price with the owner that the owner agrees to sell the bird at. Once a new owner has purchased the bird; the previous owner receives a check for the sale of the bird to the new owner minus a 50% consignment fee. All taxes are paid through the store to New York State so this is also deducted from the amount the seller nets.
The bird may be housed here in store or at the sellers home and come in for appointments. We have to balance care in store so we don’t always accept every applicant but we do our best to make room. This opportunity gives all the advantages of giving your pet away to a rescue with the opportunity to recapture some expenses involved in care. This is our way to help reduce the stress of animal rescues which are often over full in home set ups or over worked caring people.
This program could not exist without the regular support of our customers as we use store funds to care for these birds while in our care. This is just one way we are stronger together!

Surrender to store:

For those whom the consignment program does not work for the surrender to store option is another option. Some people want not to wait and not to go through the process of adoption. We have accepted many surrenders to the store which also greatly reduces the stress on shelters and rescues in the area can. There is a lot of responsibility on our end when we accept these birds to our facility but we do it as an opportunity to give a safe haven for birds in need. Programs like this are not free for us to run so your support of this company is largely how we are able to do it.

Reminder: Seeing a trend yet? This free program is available to the community despite the cost to our company because you took the time to drive past the big box store and bought your pet products here!

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