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Our Nursery

We are accepting deposits on the birds below 

(585) 671-2473

Call us anytime to learn more about any of our birds. We are never too busy for you.

Don't See the Bird of your Dreams ?


We get many different birds throughout the year.

Warning: These birds go quickly!

If you are interested, give us a call at:

(585) 671-2473


Follow us on our Facebook page and our website to learn more about our incoming birds!  This is the best way to be notified of new incoming birds!

It is our goal to match each of our clients with the pet bird of their dreams. Every bird we have will find a home.  To us it’s more important that we find the right home that fits best, rather than to just find a home.
This commitment ensures you will be paired with a great bird for you. Each bird below is given lots of love. We know their personalities well.
To us, personality is what makes a great pet so we work hard every day to provide well socialized and hand fed birds.
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