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Sal Salafia

On behalf of all of us at Exotic Pet Birds in Rochester NY, we thank you for visiting our website. I am honored to be able to bring upstate New York's bird enthusiast a new option to find exotic pet birds for sale along with all the toys, cages and accessories a bird lover would look for. 

I have been an avid bird enthusiast for my entire life. I spent most of my adult life spending time shopping in pet stores on my off time, seeking the latest and greatest pets and accessories. I always wanted the opportunity to provide an outlet for pet owners designed the way I would want to shop at a store and backed by a service focused staff. I have created an open environment focused on educating and supporting our customers so as to be the very best partner for the customer and their new feathered friend. It is my mission to provide a store and staff that creates an environment to educate and support its clientele for life. My staff and I take the responsibility of selling and placing our birds in safe and loving homes very seriously. We spend endless hours not only feeding our birds by hand but loving and caring for them while in our charge. We don't believe that birds should be left unstimulated so we lead by example and make sure each of our birds gets the daily attention they deserve. As we all know, animals do not have much choice in the fact that they get invited into our homes.  

sal salafia

That said, we believe that it is our responsibility as a store to create the best owners for each of our birds as possible. We believe this to be the very least we can do to repay these beautiful creatures for sharing their lives with us. We feel it is our responsibility as a store to provide education through every step of our customer's selection process and we believe after sale support is key to our bird and owner's success. 


Education of our customer starts from our website, We have created a personalized informational tab on each bird we carry under the "about tab". We personally believe that it takes a village to raise a parrot and have created a venue to allow questions and answers from our many long-term bird owners to help answer questions as they arise during ownership. We at Exotic Pet Birds Inc. are here to help for as long and as often as you need us.

In addition to spending time helping with your in-store selection process, we have created our facility in a way to allow a comfortable environment for you to visit with our birds and then come to visit as often as you wish while waiting for him/her to be weaned after picking your new beautiful bird. We believe our staff, our selection, and our overall environment makes us unique. We have partnered with great breeders who are quality parrots are evident the moment you meet them in person. All of our birds are captive bred. We hope you will visit our store, I personally promise to give you the best experience possible and will give you an amazing selection of stunning hand fed birds to pick from.
Thank you for considering us and we hope to see you in the near future!


We have a program we are very proud of here called "consignment re-home". This program allows the opportunity for bird owners who need to give up their birds to rehome their birds in a methodical and planned way which is free of judgment. The program allows the owner to recapture expenses of having acquired their bird and having owned their bird. We do not at any point purchase your bird and at no point is the bird the property of our company. We do however charge the seller a rehome service fee for helping to facilitate a new owner. We are not a rescue and we do not wish to take your bird for free with this program as rescues do. We do however take the time to allow the bird to meet with the former owner when the owner wishes to participate. We can not guarantee that the new owner will keep your bird for the entire life of the bird. Anyone that tells you they will accomplish this for sure is lying to you. We also do not limit the new owner's ability to own a bird, we only sell to adults persons interested to own a bird. We educate them in knowing what owning a bird is like and offer unlimited support free of charge throughout ownership. When a large bird is up for rehome it is not uncommon for us to have several applicants interested. We review each applicant with former owners and allow them to assist in the rehoming process because they are the owners of the bird, not us. We do not require a ridiculous 8 page application on the new owner as we take the time to get to know each customer with dialogue and interaction. We personally believe one on one interaction with people and bird is more important than an easy that could deter people from the interest in giving a home. We are not a rescue, we are a for-profit company but we care about what we do. There are many other jobs in the world that pay more than what we make doing this and to say we do this for any other reason but for the love of the bird would be incorrect. 

Warm regards,

Sal Salafia
Store Manager

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