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Ryan Kellogg

Ryan is an integral part of the Exotic Pet Birds inc. family.  As a member of the management team Ryan helps us to create many of the programs we have come to be loved for.  

Ryan has a love of animals and his love shows through his interaction of the animals we care for as a group.  On his spare time, Ryan is a Eagle Scout and strong member of the Boy Scout family.  He is a graduate of Sage College of Albany.  Ryan is a owner of three birds, Helen a Crimson Bellied Conure, Rex the love bird (who thinks she’s big like a macaw) and Cali the Alexandrian.  

We are proud of the many great reviews, Ryan has earned from our friends who have enjoyed the education he gives.  The selection process is always an enjoyable when Ryan guiding you through it.   Ryan leads our staff in much of the education and helps train our team members in the importance of caring for our customers.  We are very proud to have Ryan be in business with us and look forward to implementing many of his innovative ideas in the upcoming years.

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