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Jamie Salafia

Jamie has had years of experience in caring for birds. She has raised everything from parakeets to African Greys.  As an owner of Exotic Pet Birds Inc., she has been instrumental in the company's development.  She has become a versatile staff member as she cares for each bird and has made decisions about inventory, bird selection, and staff selection.  She cares about our customer's needs above all else and has a great respect for each person that chooses to visit our store to seek their next pet bird. We are confident that Jamie's energetic spirit will create a fun pet bird out of each sweet baby that she interacts with.


When Jamie is not working at the store she is likely raising our children, Nicholas and Olivia.  Spending time hanging out with our family's pet bird, a very friendly Congo African Grey named Mona; or out riding her amazing horse Ego.   

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