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Care Guide


Dear Valued Friend,


Congratulations on your very cool new pet! We are sure you are very excited to bring your new bird home with you.  How you start your first days at home will be very important to setting a good tone for the future.  This is where you will welcome your bird and begin to set acceptable boundaries. We encourage you to spend a few hours a day with your bird out of the cage when you start out at home. Practice coming in and out of the cage several times each day.

It’s important to note there are three levels of stimulation for you to maintain a good balance between.  The first stimulation is direct stimulation (cuddling together), the second is indirect stimulation (allowing your bird out of cage time without you holding or cuddling), the last is rest cage time (allowing your bird to rest in his/her cage).   If you allow your bird a nice balance of the three simulations your life together will be very rewarding.  It’s important to note if you allow too much of any one stimulation you will likely end up with a bird who needs remedial training.  We recommend using a small towel to handle your bird during your first few days to allow your bird to feel secure with you.  Keep in mind you are much larger than your bird and your bird has just come to a brand new environment.  Make your environment as quiet and calm as possible to help your bird gain trust.  If your household has small children or animals within it, make sure to monitor closely how they interact with your new pet.  Small children will frequently have a fear of being bit which can cause them to flinch and or make loud noises.  We especially recommend having children sit on the floor while using a small towel to give your little Aviculturist some much needed confidence while interacting with the new pet.  You are always welcome to come in for FREE training with your bird!  Call on us anytime to assist you in your avicultural journey!  Welcome to the EPBI family!