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Life Span: 30-40 years!

Size: 12-14 inches head to tail.

Colors: Females are always red and blue. Males are always green.

Personality: Eclectus are very laid back and tranquil! They easily become part of the family with how easy going they are! They are very intelligent birds and require a great deal of mental stimulation to keep them from getting bored. Foraging toys are great for this, as well as daily interaction! Females do tend to exhibit more nesting/territorial behaviors, so you will find that they are more dominating and can have more of an attitude than the males do.

Native Region: Australia and other surrounding islands.

Level of Care: Advanced. Please see us for details of what life is like with one of these sweet birds!

Speech and Sound: Vocal communications can be great in these birds! So great, they can mimic human speech and pitch!

Diet: Fresh fruits and veggies are a must for this species of bird! They thrive when placed on a natural diet! It is also important to offer seeds as a supplement in their diet!

Habitat: The minimum cage size is 32in x 36in x 48in. However, Bigger is always better! See an Exotic Pet Birds Inc staff member for further information!

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