Sun conures are one of the most desired conures in the world. Well know for their brightly colored feathers these birds are a true beauty. Sun conures are amazing pets as they are goofy and always in the mood to play! We say sun conures have one button, the on button. They always are in the mood to hang out. They are the true friend many people seek in a pet bird. Sun conures are known to be louder birds but we believe that their voices become a very comforting sound to have in home as they remind us they are around and looking to play! The sun conure is just an amazing pet. We breed our own sun conures here at Exotic Pet Birds and we work to socialize each and every baby. Sun conures don’t require the same sized larger cage that many other brilliant colored parrots require. We believe this makes the sun conure stand out as a great pet bird for someone seeking a brilliant colored pet, but not having the room for a larger parrot. Call Exotic Pet Birds inc. at (585)347-6594 to learn more about our sun conure babies.

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Sun conure

  • Please note that we don't share pricing/sell birds directly through our website to promote ethical bird ownership. To us it's more important that you are getting the right bird for you than selling it immediately please feel fre eto call us anytime with questions at (585) 347-6594

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