Amazon parrots are a favorite bird for many of us here at Exotic Pet Birds. These highly intellectual birds are very fun companions to have. We love them because they give you a big bird personality and a big bird size but they are still a manageable size for many people. Amazon parrots require a handler that is going to remain consistent in their training and will continue to work to earn their birds continued friendship. Pet birds are fun to have because your relationship with them literally never stops evolving. Unlike any other pet, you literally get to expand your friendship with a pet bird at each interaction. Amazon’s are highly sought after for their amazing talking ability. We have raised many who went on to be great singing parrots as well. We love Amazon parrots for their gorgeous colors, their willingness to be part of the household fun and their high level of intelligence. There are many sub species of Amazon parrots and we work very hard to provide a nice selection of them to meet at any time.

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Orange-Wing Amazon

  • Please note that we don't share pricing/sell birds directly through our website to promote ethical bird ownership. To us it's more important that you are getting the right bird for you than selling it immediately please feel fre eto call us anytime with questions at (585) 347-6594

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