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Green cheek conures are goofy, fun loving birds. They are a quieter sub species of the conure family. People love the green cheek conures for their size. Many people wanting to buy a parrot seek these pint sized parrots for their color, personality and level of noise. Green cheek conures are the perfect pet bird to have in an apartment. Green cheek conures do not require large cages the size of other parrots which make them a great pet to have in the home. If you are seeking a pint sized parrot look no further than the green cheek conure!

At Exotic Pet Birds inc. we breed our own green cheek conures. We raise our baby birds by hand feeding the babies. We work very hard to socialize our green cheek conure babies!
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Green Cheek Conure

  • Please note that we don't share pricing/sell birds directly through our website to promote ethical bird ownership. To us it's more important that you are getting the right bird for you than selling it immediately please feel free to call us anytime with questions at (585) 671-2473

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