Bourke parakeets are amazing little pets. They are beautiful and very rarely nippy birds. Bourke parakeets are hard to find around the country but lucky for you, you’ve found a great breeder for Bourke parakeets. We offer hand fed Bourke parakeets, we have Rosie Bourkes, Normal Bourkes and even Lutino Bourkes. Bourkes are great apartment birds, because they are not loud and don’t require much space. They make awesome pets for so many reasons; call us today to learn more about our Bourke parakeets.

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Bourke Parakeet

  • Please note that we don't share pricing/sell birds directly through our website to promote ethical bird ownership. To us it's more important that you are getting the right bird for you than selling it immediately please feel fre eto call us anytime with questions at (585) 347-6594

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