Macaws are easily that bird you think of one someone says parrot. We love them for their intelligence. They are a very loyal friend when properly trained and socialized. Macaws are always on the go and though a large cage is recommended, this is a bird that wants to be out of the cage as often as your dog or cat does. We often say the cage for a Macaw is a great night time place. Parrots are said to have the intelligence of a four year old child and the macaw proves that level of intelligence at every interaction. This is a bird that requires a handler who will remain consistent in their trainings. The bird will easily fall in love with your whole family if the bird is socialized and interacted with properly. We love macaws because they are the gems of the bird world and they know it and will show it! All our birds come with free grooming for life and free training for life by a Certified Avian Specialist. Owning a Macaw from our company is never a thing you are in alone. We are available for daily questions and trainings to help make you the best handler for your bird!

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Blue and Gold Macaw

  • Please note that we don't share pricing/sell birds directly through our website to promote ethical bird ownership. To us it's more important that you are getting the right bird for you than selling it immediately please feel fre eto call us anytime with questions at (585) 347-6594

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