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Nick And Olivia

If you have been to the store enough you have likely spent time with these two highly energetic kids.  Nick and Olivia often impress adults in their avian knowledge and it’s no surprise to us.  They come in pint sized package but their knowledge exceeds what is expected of them as they help raise and care for hundreds or birds at a time.  Both are skilled hand feeders and have participated in raising conures, love birds, Eclectus and even macaws!  These guys have zero fear of getting involved and help socialize our birds.  What’s even cooler is they often serve as ambassador to young children seeking a bird of their own.  The two are so much more than the owners kids.  They really want to help others learn and experience the joys of bird ownership.  They preach of enrich of life and know the differences between nutritional requirements of each bird we care for.  These guys will jump at the opportunity to help a visitor and have been responsible for helping many people decide which bird to bring home.  We know you will love these two aviculture prodigies and will surly benefit from their view in caring for birds!


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