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Jessie Mcintyre

Jessie has a no nonsense attitude and we love her!  She has been with us since  the inception of our company s. As Breeding department manager she is the primary care taker of our breeding birds.  It is obvious to our entire staff that these birds love her dearly.  Jessie is a very clean and fastidious team member. 


She leads by example and often trains our staff in cleanliness techniques she has developed through her time here.  Jessie has previously worked with rescue teams to help wildlife and lost domestic animals. 


She truly has a heart of gold.  We are so honored to have her with us and know that she is a true guardian of our animals.  Jessie spends much of her free time hunting out bargains for fresh produce for all of our birds and ensures each bird gets the proper nutrition they deserve. 


Jessie has owned many large parrots in the past and her experiences are invaluable to us.   Most friends who visit don’t get to interact with her directly as she works our closed aviaries; we want all to know that she is the person responsible for helping ensure our nursery and breeding program is above average and well run!    

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