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Dallas Murray


Dallas is a fun leader of our group.  Our friends who visit the store know they can always count on her to give 110% of herself to help them with questions and concerns.  As facility manager she is responsible for organizing our company in it’s day to day operations.  Dallas is responsible for on site training and development of our staff and we think she is the perfect person to lead our troops.  

It is hard to find Dallas sitting still at work as she also manages our shipping program, which coordinates getting our birds safely through out the country.  

Dallas is the proud owner of three birds, Rex the love bird, Calli the Alexandrian and Helen the crimson Bellied Conure.  Our friends all benefit from her knowledge as she freely shares with everyone who visits EPBI tips and tricks she has learned along the way.  We are proud to be in business with Dallas and are sure you will love interacting with her much as we do!

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